East Modesto Urgent Care Warns about Tendonitis Affecting Bowlers

Bowling aficionados in the Modesto area have something to look forward to as this year’s Strike Out Suicide Bowling Event is scheduled to take place this summer at the McHenry Bowl. This event is not meant to be just another fun day at the bowling alley, but instead a great opportunity to contribute to and show support for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you are keen on joining the event as a bowler, you should take the time to carefully prepare for the event, especially because bowling is commonly associated with tendonitis. These tips and helpful information from your East Modesto urgent care clinic can help keep this from happening to you.


Bowler’s Tendonitis

Amateurs and professionals alike are susceptible to contracting this condition.

Beginners, for instance, are likely to get tendonitis because of bad form and mechanics. Since they are new to the game, they have yet to perfect their form and the proper way of releasing the ball. Most likely, new players are also not aware of helpful pre-game stretching exercises that keep them from tiring out their limbs quickly.

Professionals, meanwhile, may have their form in perfect shape already, but they would have to contend with the over-use of their bowling arm. Whatever kind of bowler you are, and whatever level you are at, the unfortunate truth is that you will always be at risk of incurring tendonitis.

Avoiding Injury

To mitigate the possibility of contracting bowling tendonitis, practice and perfect your form. Using the correct weight of ball according to your level is also crucial. Some people just get whatever size is most convenient for them; however, your ability to handle the ball safely is directly related to the weight of the ball you should use.

In the event that you feel like you’ve pulled a muscle or that you injured your elbow, you should rest the area immediately and put an ice pack on it should there be swelling.

Afterwards, go to reliable walk in clinics in East Modesto, CA, such as U.S. HealthWorks, so that you can get the proper urgent care that you need. If you don’t do this, and continue to use your arm, you are likely to feel more pain and create further damage.


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