East Modesto Urgent Care Tips on How to Stay Safe While Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those traditional activities that many people eagerly anticipate when winter and the holiday season arrive. Establishments like Modesto On Ice open their doors just in time for the festive season, welcoming everyone, both young and old, to have a fun time on the ice. And why not? You get to slide and glide, enjoy a good laugh with family and friends, or show off some graceful, technical moves.

Besides having fun, it is also important to stay safe when you go ice skating. Slips and falls on the hard ice, along with sharp blades on skates, can cause serious injuries.

To avoid unnecessary injuries, take note of these safety tips recommended by your local East Modesto urgent care staff.

Ice Skating

Find the Right Fit. When renting skates, make sure that you are wearing the right size and fit. To maintain your balance and minimize disaster, your skates must fit just right to maneuver with agility and more importantly, stop promptly. Tie them tight so that the boot supports your foot and ankle well. Otherwise you risk twisting or even spraining an ankle, which will cause you much pain while not only sidelining you from future skating, but detaining you from other holiday activities.

Don’t Play Rough. Don’t resort to body checking, as often seen in hockey games where athletes get slammed against the boards. If you’re there to simply skate, there’s no need for excessive force. Everyone else is there for the fun of it, not to pretend they are playing in the NHL.

Fall the Right Way. In the world of ice skating, there is such a thing as falling properly. This is because slipping and falling on the ice is something that’s expected given the nature of the surface.

Should losing balance become inevitable, the least you can do is fall the right way. The ideal way to fall is on your backside, keeping your limbs and your head safe. That said, it would be a great idea to wear padded bottoms to further minimize the pain and the possibility of bruising.

In the event that an injury still occurs, despite all the precautions made, immediately seek medical help and attention from walk-in clinics in Modesto, CA, such as US HealthWorks. Get well soon so that you can be back on track to join the holiday celebrations. 

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