Urgent Care Tips: Keep Safe and Protected on the Road in East Modesto

National Cycling Month is kicking off this May. Cycling enthusiasts and families can participate in all the fun. The event promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers a wide range of cycling activities for you and your family to enjoy this spring. The first activity is the Amgen Tour of California in Modesto in the middle of the month. While it’s going to be a lot of fun, you still have to be careful when riding a bike to avoid injuries that can land you in an East Modesto walk in clinic.

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East Modesto Urgent Care: A Hike Free of Heat Exhaustion and Injuries

The upcoming River Bend Trail Hike gives you an opportunity to get in touch with nature while strengthening your mind and body. You just have to be fully prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hiking could be a fun adventure but it also comes with risks. One can get injured or fall ill from heat stroke or exhaustion.

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Urgent Care Tip: Stretch Before Dancing to Avoid Injury

Going out to the Jazz in the Valley Fundraiser is not only a great way to support the Women’s Auxiliary, but is also a fun way to exercise your whole body. Dancing is also known to be an excellent stress reliever and mood lifter. Before you start dancing, take a few moments to stretch your muscles and warm up. Providers at an East Modesto urgent care offer these tips on stretching before vigorous activities such as dancing.
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Allergies: Walk-in Clinics, Timing, and Other Preparations to Make

Walk-in Clinics, Timing, and Other Preparations to Make

Allergies: Walk-in Clinics, Timing, and Other Preparations to Make

Allergy attacks are among the situations where you might need to go to a walk in clinic for urgent care. For people with allergies, it is highly important that the indoor air quality of their home is maintained as clear as possible. While that is an environment that they can control, however, the outdoors is a different story altogether.

Live Science lists the city of Modesto, California among the 100 least favorable U.S. cities for people with allergies. So, if you’re allergic and you’re attending special events in East Modesto, CA or going around to see the sights, it pays to be extra prepared so allergy attacks don’t mess up your day.

Timing Your Activities

Allergies should not hinder you from going out and having fun. Aside from the really severe ones, they can be managed well so you can go through daily activities, including leisure trips and participating in sports. The AccuWeather website provides a forecast of pollen levels in the air, together with other weather conditions, by area. This is one good way to determine the best days to go out. In general, pollen count increases during the warmer times of the year, i.e. spring and summer.

Being Prepared

Avoidance may be the best way to prevent allergies. However, you can’t really expect all activities and events you want to participate in or attend to cater to your preferred schedule. In some cases, it might be inevitable for you to go outside during high-pollen days. Now, you can do many things to combat allergies while outside the usual protection of the home.

Wear a Mask. When going outdoors, wear a surgical mask to add a layer of protection for your respiratory system. Make sure they meet necessary standards.

Keep Enough Allergy Medications with You. Make sure you have the proper medication for your allergies at the right amount plus some spare ones.

Take Note of Urgent Care Clinic Locations. Make sure you know locations of walk in clinics in East Modesto, CA such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group so you know where you can go or be taken to in case medications aren’t enough to alleviate the symptoms. It’s also a good idea to let other relevant people (e.g. your companions, teachers, event organizers, etc.) know of these.




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Asthma and Urgent Care: Important Reminders when Traveling Around

Important Reminders when Traveling AroundAsthma and Urgent Care: Important Reminders when Traveling Around

Throughout the year, East Modesto residents have a lot of places to go to and events to attend within the city. Modesto has a great selection of theaters, sights, and activities. According to the Visit Modesto site’s event calendar, upcoming events include musical concerts, film fests, plays, food festivals, and art exhibitions.

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Protect Yourself with Seasonal Flu Vaccines from Urgent Care Clinics

The lawmakers of California approved SB 277, a bill that requires almost all children enrolling in school to be vaccinated, exempting of course those who can’t be immunized due to medical reasons. The bill seeks to boost vaccination rates and protect the community from future outbreaks. The last report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that majority of the states in the U.S. have seen some widespread cases of the flu. The numbers, however, have declined in recent weeks. Still, the authorities maintain that individuals get their annual shots at urgent care clinics, such as the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group in East Modesto, or any other medical facility that can administer the vaccines. Continue reading